Welcome. We are a tree hugging, home schooling, family of five, trying to make the best use of our small farm on the

outskirts of East London, South Africa. Some elements of our homestead include: 


We have an awesome, off-grid guest house, which sleeps 2 upstairs on the mezzanine and another downstairs on the sleeper couch.

Great views, a full kitchen, braai area and a rocking compost toilet. More...

Our Holistic Homestead Intern and discipleship programme started in March this year.

Two participants, 9 months, tons of learning, hard work, good food and fun. More...



What keeps us out of mischief?

We sell raw milk, free range eggs, chemical free, hippy certified veg, raw honey, pasture reared rabbit meat and kombucha.

Fresh produce

With +10 years of experience in designing, developing & managing composting toilets, Roger is able to offer valuable advice on the best setup for you.

Benefits include:

       - Uses no water

      - Makes free compost

      - Closed-loop nutrient cycle

      - No splash back

      - No plumbers

      - Earns you extra brownie points in heaven


Compost toilet consulting

System design consulting

We are able to assist in designing holistic, integrated, off-grid systems (wow that's a mouthful) to make your homestead or community centre etc a functional, productive environment. Incorporating permaculture, regenerative agriculture, experience and a bunch of common sense.

We create custom designed furniture, predominantly from reclaimed timber. Focusing on chunky rustic products.

Drop us an email for a quote.

Carpentry workshop

- 100% off-grid, no municipal services
- PV Solar system & Solar geysers
- Rain water harvesting
- Compost toilets
- Regenerative agriculture
- High density, strip grazing, mobile camp method
- Cows, sheep, chickens, meat rabbits & pigs
- Livestock guardian dog

- Worm farm and composts

- Bee hives
- Recycling
- Food forest
- Market garden
- Raised bed kitchen garden
- Indigenous forest
- Apex grassland
- Seedling & indigenous tree nursery
- Antique wood fired & solar ovens

This beautiful timber-frame home was completed in 2019 and was based on the "tiny house" principal of less is more. With attention to detail and creative expression, this comfortable space is completely off-grid, as is the rest of the property.


The guest house boasts our awesome dry compost toilet system, solar electricity and rain water. Much of the furnishings utilised reclaimed timber, the yellow wood and Oregon close to 100 years old.


Nestled on the edge of the forest, it overlooks the Gonubie River Valley.
Being surrounded by nature, you can expect to see numerous birds, animals and insects.

It can sleep 3 people, with a double bed on the mezzanine and a single sleeper couch in the living room. It also has a fully equipped kitchen (sans an oven) and a braai area.


You can harvest your own fresh veg, planted around the cottage or help out with the animals. Join Karen as she hand milks our two cows or give Tess a hand feeding the rabbits.


A short but steep trail cut through the indigenous forest leads you to the river, where there are several large pools to take a dip.


R690 per night for the whole unit. Check availability and book through; AirbnbLekkerslaap, Travelground or Ecobnb.



In March 2021 we will be embarking on an exciting new pilot programme.

A 9 month long Holistic Homesteading Intern and discipleship training programme.


Two participants from surrounding villages will be accommodated on site for the duration of the course.

It will be broken up into two parts;
The first 6 months will be filled with intense practical hands-on and theoretical learning. But during the remaining 3 months the participants will run workshops and share their knowledge with high school, agricultural students from the area. This will then benefit considerably more people than just the two interns.


Topics covered in the programme will include

  - Large livestock management
    Cows, sheep, pigs
  - Small livestock management
    Chickens and rabbits

  - Bee keeping
  - Fruit and veg production
  - Processing produce
    Canning jams and preserves, cheese, yogurt, etc
  - Administration, budgeting and basic accounting
  - Environmental aspects
    Solar, rain water harvesting, grey water use, composting, etc
  - Character development
    Alpha course, morality and ethics, worldview studies


The internship is being run in partnership with Sihamba Sonke, an NGO based in Zithulele Village in the former Transkei, with very similar goals and principals.

The programme costs a packet to run, so if you would like to assist financially, we will happily relieve you of your hard earned cash.

We are able to offer tax certificates from both SA and the US.

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